Traditional Diets I: Our Recipe Manifesto

Minga’s delicious recipes have delighted many of you and we want to share  the inspiration behind these recipes based on Traditional Diets. What we mean by Traditional Diets are the foods and ingredients that have kept our families healthy and happy for literally thousands of years. That being said, we don't need to go back thousands of years and make very broad guesses as to what our ancestors were eating in the Paleolithic era (although we have been inspired by Paleo dieters ). In the last century industrialization has drastically altered the ingredients of the foods we eat to the point where most foods found in a modern supermarket are highly addictive poisons to our bodies. It is well documented by the center for disease control (CDC) that we were much healthier at the turn of the century than we are today.

The recipes we post are inspired by these principals and have been key in maintaining our own health. We try to add variety for those who cannot tolerate dairy, wheat, or eggs due to food sensitivities brought on by modern industrialized foods, and avoid any added sugars or sweeteners (natural or not) which we view as a highly addictive poisons.

Food for thought: A simple way to look at this way of eating would be to only eat what your great great grandmother had available to her. Most food companies didn’t exist in her day so all packaged and refined foods are out. And sweeteners were scarce and hard to come by; for example fruit was only available when it was in season and local. We hope this gives you a new perspective on your food.

In good health-
Shawn Kinsella CNT, LMT