Drinking that Dehydrates

 Dehydration is not always easy to recognize. When you are feeling thirsty or dry in your mouth and throat, chances are you have been dehydrated for some time.  Is your skin chronically dry? Have unexplained dull headaches, or feel fatigued? Joint aches and unusually ropey muscles? Constipation or slow bowel movements? All of these are signs of dehydration. There may be other things going on as well, but hydrating is a great way to begin caring for yourself.

Alcohol is powerfully not only dehydrating to the skin, but also at a cellular level. Not only does alcohol create dehydration, it also overloads the liver.

Caffeine has a similar effect of dehydrating. It is very drying to the system over time, and it contributes to the liver not doing its best job at processing out the toxins from the body.

Both alcohol and caffeine create greater urine production to flush them through your kidneys, which also dehydrates your body.

Any thing with chemicals that your kidneys and liver have to filter out of your system will make your body work hard and reduce your hydration which challenges your immune system.

Sodas with or with out sugar are full of chemicals that the body has to work to get rid of. Fruit and root vegetable juices are so sugar filled that it requires a huge amount of water to flush from the system, making it very dehydrating as well.

When you have had anything dehydrating, drink twice the volume of the dehydrating stuffs you have taken in to help your body stay fluid and healthy. Make the choice to hydrate and oil instead.