The Year of the Fire Monkey

Happy belated New Year! The Fire Monkey entered February 8 2016. 
The key to mastering the Fire Monkey is keeping your wits about you. In a nutshell the Fire Monkeys energy is erratic, irrepressible, clever, unpredictable, resourceful, adventuresome, amoral, selfish and magical. That's quite a mix, and you need to know going in that anything can happen. Expect the most surprising things to happen. This will be a test of your ability to stay calm in the face of unexpected and relentless challenges. On the other side of such chaos is the power of magic and transformation.

An interesting way to handle the Fire Monkey year is to harmonize your own energies with that of the monkey. The Monkey King myth is one of the most adventurous in Asian literature. He is famous for his secret powers and magical weapons. It is a time to connect with your own secret powers and use them resourcefully in the coming year. Learn to see magic everywhere.

Take with you the lessons of the Wood Sheep and schedule in your self care so that your time doesn't magically disappear into stress. Make sure that you are prepared for the most wild times by having food that nourishes on hand at all times and release your body from its tensions daily so that you are ready to face the, absolutely anything that can happen. It is going to be a powerful time to exercise all the self care tools you have. Feel confident that you have the tools you need or that you know where to get the ones you need.