Year of the Fire Rooster

Ok monkey, time’s up, you’re done! The Rooster is now stepping in to clean up all the wreckage from last year’s monkey business. A new phase is about to begin with the arrival of the Fire Rooster on January 28, 2017. The focus of this phase is to practice what you preach and follow through on your practice.

Rooster is associated with the metal element which is an element of turning inward, the energy that is apparent right as the seasons sink into the stillness of winter. The very essence of a thing is expressed in perfect clarity in the element metal. Decisiveness and clarity are the positions that are in their epitome in this coming year. A sense of impatience often arises for those who are slower to come to clarity, so a practice of patience is much needed at this time.

Fire is erratic, intense, passionate, expressive, and dynamic, as we have seen in the last year. That coupled with the Rooster tendency towards clear site, focus and decisiveness brings to the year a support of focus and application to the task at hand with discipline and diligence. Delayed gratification and focus on the long term goal are the paths which will be enhanced.

It is a year to put emotions lower on the rung and stay focused on your long term goals. Keep your eye on what you deeply and truly value over time and work diligently with out wavering. This year is about applying yourself.

In the Fire Rooster, ask yourself the question: "if I can talk the talk, can I walk the walk?" and then begin to do it, with the power of your action.