Chest Opening for Deepening Breath

Countering our daily forward movements with a supported back bend enhances deeper breath and deeper relaxation. As the muscles between the ribs relax and open the chest cavity increases allowing the lungs to expand and taking pressure off the heart. The ribs are attached at the spine and come all the way around the torso to the sternum. Opening the sternum, ribs and all the muscles between them allow the space for the breath to increase, releases tension in the upper spine and increases spinal flexibility. Using a firm yoga bolster helps to support us in this position so we can relax deeply and open completely.

The Power of Relaxing for Health

De-stressing is one of the most important parts of good health. Learning to relax deeply and consciously is at the cornerstone of de-stressing. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system is one of the results of yoga therapy. There is a commonly held belief that when we are not stressed, we are relaxed, but that isn't true at all! Like exercise, relaxation is a skill that takes practice. The better we learn to do it, the more effective it becomes. Certain props are designed to support us so that we can relax more deeply. A firm supportive yoga bolster is one of the very best!