Coffee Enema Protocol

Greetings and happy spring in full swing! Last month we talked about a cleansing whole foods diet as a way to detoxify and enter into spring in a healthful way, so this month we'll continue that thread by sharing a coffee enema protocol you may want to try (disclaimer: at your own risk). I've been doing them for years and find them to be a quick simple way to detoxify if I'm too busy to be able to do a more involved fast or cleanse protocol. Here in the pacific northwest where coffee is king and seen as sacred. This is in my opinion mostly due to the fact that a large portion of the population is sunlight and vitamin D deficient and use coffee as a way to stave off full blown depression.... but I digress. If you're still reading this and ready to commit what might seem like sacrilege to most coffee drinkers, I've posted some of the finer points (some of which I've learned through experience) of how to perform a successful coffee enema. Like any type of cleanse it takes practice and patience. So if you have some difficulties try try again and find what works best for you. Here are some reasons you might want to try this if you've never done one before (taken from link is listed below to read in more detail.


Coffee Enema Benefits: Quick Facts

  1. Non-stimulating. In fact, they are calming when done properly.
  2. Stimulates bile flow. Caffeine stimulates your gallbladder to release toxic bile - a lot of bile - and bile stores a lot of toxins. This toxic bile gets washed out of your colon when coffee enemas are done properly.
  3. Increases glutathione production. High levels of palmitic acid, found in light roasted enema coffee, stimulates one of the bodies most important detoxification enzymes: glutathione-s-transferase (GST) which stimulates glutathione.
  4. Increases circulation. Theobromine, a stand alone compound and a byproduct of caffeine, is a potent dilator of blood vessels thereby increasing circulation. Poor circulation leads to a buildup of toxins, weak cell metabolism and cellular waste products. Thus, once you place theobromine, and caffeine, directly into your sigmoid colon via the coffee enema, you increase circulation thereby reducing cellular waste, stimulating cellular metabolism and eliminating toxins. Theobromine is found in lightly roasted enema coffees, especially Arabica or Robusta coffees
  5. Stimulates a bowel movement. The water found in the coffee enema stretches out the colon stiimulating the stretch receptors. This signals the body to have a bowel movement. Why is this a plus? You'll learn that in a minute.
  6. Pain Reduction. Pain reduction by coffee enemas was actually one of the first noticed benefits. The pain reduction occurs through a complex of processes which, although theoretical, makes sense and will be explained soon. In short, pain reduction may be due to increased bile flow, circulation and elimination of toxins.
  7. Contains antioxidants. Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants - one of the highest containing levels of any food or product. 

So to start with just like any cleanse even a quckie like this one pick a day when you have a free schedule. In the case of a coffee enema I like to have at least half the day free. This is very important and not to be altered. If you don't have the time then you shouldn't be cleansing right now. You should be adjusting you life so you have more time which would be the first step to any cleansing practice.

Next you need to have some equipment to perform the enema such as an enema bag or bucket. I use one like the bag listed last on this page- but there are also some more fancy ones out there like this I got mine at a local drugstore. Once you have your bag or bucket (bucket style seems nice and easy to use and fill) you need the coffee. Buy only organic non roasted coffee beans and grind them yourself for best results. 

My friend Brian Campbell has a great coffee enema protocol I use with a few modifications. So I'm posting his protocol with my added comments. Have fun!! 

Brian Campbell's Coffee Enema Protocol

I always do my enema in the morning and prep the coffee the night before. If you try to cook the coffee in the morning you could be waiting around for hours for the coffee to cool off enough to use. So cook your coffee and the next morning filter out the grounds and warm it up a little.

1. Prepare coffee

  • You can pour grounds directly into a pot of water and cook at slow boil for 10 minutes. strain grounds well from coffee afterwards.
  • You can also brew coffee in a pot. 

How much coffee to use?
For first time users, 2-4 Tablespoons is a good starting point. The more experienced you become, add more Tablespoons!  Make sure it is organic!

In the end, your coffee-should be dark --

  • not too light and see thru--too much water/too little coffee.
  • or, not pitch black and thick-too much coffee/too little water. 

How much water to use?
You will use approximately 2 quarts of water.

It's usually best to split this procedure into two rounds, of 1 quart each.
I always brew 4quarts (1 gallon).  Better to have more than you'll use in case of a "malfunction" so you didn't set aside your morning in vein and have to cook and cool more coffee. Most enema bags hold 2 quarts as mine does and I put the extra in an insulated travel coffee container to keep it the same temperature in case I want to use it after the first two quarts are gone.

2.  Enema Equipment
You can get enema bags at most CVS, RiteAids, or Sav-On.
It will come with a bag, tube, and insertion thingy.
Clean your bag out first, then put it together.

3.  Procedure
Pour coffee into the hole in top of bag. Make sure you keep the end of the tube higher than the bag or else coffee will start pouring out.
Put your finger on the hole.
Put some lubrication on the tip,-good coconut oil or olive oil is fine.

I use some coconut oil for lubricant and put a little smudge on the edge of the bathtub for easy access and to avoid potential contamination if I need to use it twice that morning.

Assuming you are in the bathtub, you must have your bag suspended, so that the end of the tube is at the desired height(the position your anus will be in when you insert)-do not try and hold the bag while you do it. To take the enema you can lie on your back, on your side, or on your hands on knees. You must be comfortable.
Bring the end of the tube close, and let out all of the excess air-until the first bit of coffee comes out. This makes sure you don't fill your bowels up with air before coffee.
Insert, and start breathing.
The key is to relax, first external sphincter muscles, then internal sphincters, and keep relaxing as coffee fills up your rectum and sigmoid colon.
Many enema bags will have a clipping device, which will allow you to control the flow, by stopping it.
You must keep holding the tube or else it might shoot out.
Once full, or as full as you like. Hold the enema and perhaps drum on your belly moving the coffee around. You can also practice the abdominal excercise of uddiyana bandha-however, this may bring on an urgency to release the enema. I often use uddiyana bandha-to help release the last little bit at the end.

You can hold the enema for 5-15 minutes, or as long as is pleasureable to you.

How much coffee you take in and how long you are able to hold it takes practice. Also coffee is a mild laxative so don't be surprised if you have to let go of the first quart after a minute or so. I usually intentionally let go of a first round after a minute or two just to empty my bowels which helps the second round be more effective I feel. Then I go for a second round and hold for the 15 min or so.  

When ready have a seat on your toilet and practice the art of letting go.

I'd also like to comment  here not to strain! Relax as much as possible and you'll empty out just fine. Straining can cause a hemroid :[

Once completed. Repeat as desired, though doing one is just fine. (not recommended doing more than 3 in one day.) 

I strongly recommend just one "session" in a day and definitely no more than once a week. I've heard of people doing coffee enemas every day which is just pure lameness. Without having to go into all the physiological details an analogy would be scrubbing the hood of your car every day with a solvent.... Think about it. Give your body time to recoup and benefit from the cleanse and come into homeostasis in it's own time.